Visit the USGA Research and Test Center

The USGA has tested and regulated equipment for more than 100 years.

Since it was established in 1894, the United States Golf Association has been dedicated to preserving the integrity, fundamental character, and essential spirit of the game. In this regard, some of the Association’s most important work is carried out daily by the highly-trained staff at the USGA’s Research and Test Center in Far Hills, N.J. Utilizing the most sophisticated conformance testing procedures, the work of the Research and Test Center ensures that skill—not technology—is the prime factor contributing to a player’s success and enjoyment of the game.

Public tours may be offered to visitors as testing allows, Tuesday - Friday at 1 p.m. between April 1st and November 1st. Please contact the Museum Receptionist at 908-234-2300, ext. 1057 or email, for more information.

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The mechanical golfer at the USGA Research and Test Center generates clubhead speeds in excess of 120 mph to help study the physics of golf ball impact.

The staff of the USGA Research and Test Center develops test procedures to insure that skill, and not equipment, is the key to a golfer’s success.

The Indoor Test Range tests golf balls for conformance to carefully regulated standards.