About the USGA Museum Research Center

In 1935, George Blossom of the USGA Executive Committee first proposed the creation of a museum and library to celebrate the game of golf and honor its champions. In the decades to follow, the USGA would assemble the world’s premier collection of historic golf artifacts, and at the same time, develop adjunct research collections comprising a photographic archive, film and video collection, and the world’s most extensive golf library.

Today, the Research Center of the USGA Museum is the world’s foremost repository for the game’s history. In creating this new center for the study and education of golf history, it is the USGA’s goal to encourage a more interdisciplinary approach for scholars and individuals researching the game’s heritage. Computer terminals and databases will provide improved access to the USGA Library Catalog, Seagle Electronic Golf Library (SEGL), the USGA’s digital photography archive, and soon-to-be digitized collections of historic film and video. An audio-visual station will facilitate access to thousands of hours of audio and video recordings.

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With more than 22,000 volumes in the collection, the Research Center is home to the world’s largest golf library. The collection includes hundreds of rare books that date prior to 1900.

The Research Center provides in-depth access to the Museum’s vast collections, allowing visitors to learn more about the great players and moments in the game’s history.