A Bibliography of John Updike's Golf Writing

Jan 27, 2009

(Editor's Note: Below is a list of John Updike's writings on golf, from the USGA Museum's library. To explore the entire catalog of golf books owned by the USGA, go to http://www.usgamuseum.com/researchers/usga_library/)

Golf Dreams: Writings on Golf
John Updike
Alfred A. Knopf, 1996

Hugging the Shore: Essays and Criticism
John Updike
Vintage Books, 1984

In Love With a Wanton
John Updike
Thornwillow Press, 2005

2001 United States Senior Open Championship Souvenir Program
Gary Larrabee, Editor
“On Being Senior,” John Updike, p. 41
Watson Publications, 2001

The Fairway Game: An Anthology of Golf's Great Finishes and Comebacks
Dick Wimmer, Editor
John Updike, from “Golf Dreams”
Buford Books, 1999

The First Chapbook for Golfers: Wit and Wisdom, Lessons and Lore
Jeff Silverman, Editor
"Upon Winning One's Flight in the Senior Four-Ball," John Updike, p. 64
Woodford Press, 2000

The Golf Book
Michael Bartlett, Editor
"Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Masters," John Updike, p. 48
Arbor House, 1980

Golf's Best Short Stories
Paul D. Staudohar, Editor
"The Pro," John Updike, p. 25
Chicago Review Press, 1997

Golf's Greatest Moments
Robert Sidorsky, Editor
"Golf Dreams," John Updike, p. 242
Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 2003

Golf - The Four Majors
John Hopkins, Editor
"Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Masters," John Updike, p. 78
Heinemann Kingswood, 1988

The Golfer's Bedside Book
Muir Maclaren, Editor
"Drinking From a Cup Made Cinchy," John Updike, p. 159
A.H. & A.W. Reid, 1976

The Golfers Companion: An Anthology of Golf Writing from 1457 to the Present
Michael Hobbs, Editor
"A Bliss Like Thinking of Women," John Updike, 1982, p. 35
Queen Anne Press, 1988

Great Golf Stories
Gordon Jarvie, Editor
"Beautiful Husbands," John Updike, p. 161
Castle Books, 1993

The Greatest Golf Stories Ever Told: Thirty Amazing Tales From the Links
Jeff Silverman, Editor
"The Bliss of Golf," John Updike, p. 281
The Lyons Press, 2001

Impossible Art of Golf: An Anthology of Golf Writing
Alec Morrison, Editor
"Rabbit is Rich," John Updike, p. 41
Oxford University Press, 1995

The Little Treasury of Golf
J. P. Resnick, Editor
"Golf Dreams," John Updike, p. 9
Black Dog and Leventhal Publishers, 1996

Lost Balls: Great Holes, Tough Shots, and Bad Lies
Charles Lindsay
Foreword by John Updike
Bullfinch Press, 2005

Lure of the Links: Great Golf Stories
David Owen, Editor
Joan Bingham, Editor
"The Camaraderie of Golf - II" - John Updike, p. 170
"Farrell's Caddie" - John Updike, p. 224
Atlantic Monthly Press, 1997

The Norton Book of Sports
George Plimpton, Editor
"The Pro," John Updike, pp. 157-161
W.W. Norton and Company, 1992

The Mystery of Golf
Arnold Haultain
Afterword by John Updike
Ailsa, 1986

One Over Par: A Connoisseurs Golfing Anthology
Alliss Peter Alliss, Editor
Mike Seabrook, Editor
"Tips on a Trip," John Updike, p. 116
H.F. & G. Witherby Ltd., 1992
Passion for Golf: The Best of Golf Writing
Schuyler Bishop, Editor
"Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Masters," John Updike, p. 223
St. Martin’s Griffin, 1998

Perfect Lies: A Century of Great Golf Stories
William Hallberg, Editor
"Golf Dreams" - John Updike, p. 190
"The Pro" - John Updike, p. 193
Simon and Schuster, 1990

The Picador Book of Golf
Peter Corris, Editor
Jamie Grant, Editor
"Rabbit with a 7 Iron," John Updike, p. 313
Picador, 1995

The Ultimate Golf Book: A History and Celebration of the World's Greatest Game
Charles McGrath, Editor
David McCormick, Editor
"Playing with Better Players," John Updike, p. 30
Houghton Mifflin Company, 2002